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"I tested tonight and had great success... Thank you for all your guidance thru this experience...There was a tremendous amount of information presented in such a clear concise manner. The staff at Mariners couldn't be anymore professional, patient, and prompt then they were. This has been a great experience overall, and I'm looking foward to applying what I have learned in both my personal and professional life on the water. Thank you Mariners Learning System."

"Having recently passed the OUPV/Masters Coast Guard exam, I would like to thank Mariners Learning System for their help and assistance. This was my second sitting, as I believe I took your classroom program in 1996 for my OUPV license. Unfortunately, I allowed it to expire while my wife and I were on our 2 1/2 year cruise of Mexico in early 2001. Something I will not do again... The online study program is a well organized and easily understood system and I passed with ease. Thank You..."

"I would recommend the online course to anyone. It was well designed and easy to follow. When I had difficulties, email responses were very quick. Now I have my 6 pack merchant mariner credential!"

- Captain Charlotte Glashagel

Captain's License - OUPV/Six-pack

"I am very happy with this program. I learned so much during the lectures and the material was well put together. I took the final exam on April 30th in Albany NY. I passed on the first try... Thanks so much. I wish I found this long ago. Thanks again."

"I am so impressed with the Mariners Learning System that I want my son Scott to be the first Time Bandit crew member to become a Captain using your program."

- Captain Captain Jonathan Hillstrand

Captain's License - OUPV/Six-pack

"This program is fantastic. Working in the Marine Trades and living on Nantucket Island made the costs of having to travel off island to take a course far to expensive and time consuming. The materials and lessons made completing the exam easy and inexpensive when compared to other programs. I highly recommend this program to anyone wishing to obtain a US Captains License."

- Captain Peter T. Gulick

Captain's License - OUPV/Six-pack


Practical Sailor has recognized Mariner's Learning System as the PS Best Choice among web-based captain's courses, in our evaluation of this product group. The designation is awarded to products featured in Practical Sailor that PS editors believe outperformed comparable products in our tests and would be the best choice for those readers looking to purchase such products.

The Mariners Learning System’s multimedia approach clearly addresses many learning styles. The supporting materials, with their integrated quizzes, are very versatile. The professionally produced videos do a good job of mimicking classroom experience. Having smart phone access is another excellent bonus.

Mariners has clearly made a significant investment in a sophisticated online learning platform.

For more than 30 years, Practical Sailor has been regarded by serious sailors and DIY boat owners for its unbiased evaluations of boats, sailing products, and related services. Practical Sailor is a subscription-supported magazine that accepts no advertising.

- Darrell Nicholson

Editor, Practical Sailor

The online program really is fantastic. To be honest, the process can indeed be quite frustrating at times, but if you push ahead and trust that the program will work you will absolutely do great. Implementing the requirement to pass all quizes and exams at 90% is, in my opinion, brilliant. It ensures you know the subject matter, a great sense of optimism for the Proctored exam.

I started working on boats nearly 5 years ago. It really started to simply pay the bills, but literally a week into it and the water was in my blood. I had decided to work for my Captain's license a month later. Once I had fulfilled my sea time requirement I found Mariners Learning System and gave them a shot. THANK GOD I DID!

I took the 6Pack/Masters Upgrade course. The study questions in the books help to prepare for the quizes, the quizes for the final exams, the finals for the Proctored exam. Captain's I had worked for said that if you study and pay attention that you'll pass, and they were right!

Mariners Learning System really DOES work. If you're dedicated and follow through with the system, the system will come back and reward you. I took the Proctored Exam yesterday and passed all five sections! The plotting was rough, but ONLY because it takes up so much time and a lot of it needs to be exact. However, it all worked out for me.

If you're thinking about getting your License, Sailing Endorsement, or anything else they offer DON'T LOOK ANY FURTHER. Mariners Learning System will work and you'll be glad that you chose them. I know I am!


Great On-Line Program. The big exam at the back of each book is a must I feel. If you can hit 90% or better on those, then your ready for the Proctor exam. Set and Drift were tricky but my hardest part was the day symbols. No one around here uses them even the freighters.

- Captain Gerry & Diane Lepinske

Captain's License - OUPV/Six-pack

I agree with Gene, set and drift was the only area that I had problems with on the test. Take your time and study at your leisure. I put in time every day. Practice and take the tests, this is a must. Very good on-line program. I had friends that took a one week cram session, they learned how to pass the test, I feel I learned and retained the actual information.

Thank you for providing such a well-thought-out online class. The class website, videos, books, and practice tests completely prepared me for the proctored exam. I took the four-hour test feeling confidant that I not only knew the answers, I understood the process of how to obtain the answers. Set and Drift were the hardest part of the class for me, but your class explained it in detail. They say, "repetition is the mother of skill," and I repeated many sections of the coursework until I mastered it. In addition, your online instructors always answered my questions completely, competently and within one day. When I took the proctored exam, I used the full four hours to complete the test and I passed it the first time. I will recommend your online course to anyone at my marina who asks me about becoming a USCG licensed Captain.

- Captain Capt. Gene Renaker

Captain's License - OUPV/Six-pack

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