How Do I Get a USCG Captain’s License?

You can get a USCG captain’s license through Mariners Learning System by taking our U.S. Coast Guard-approved course and then completing your Coast Guard boating exam online. Our courses are structured for those pursuing a professional career in commercial boating operations and for recreational boaters looking to increase their knowledge.

So You Want to Be a USCG-Certified Captain?

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More Information About Taking Your USCG Certification Exam

1 Do I need to go to a Coast Guard Regional Exam Center for the captain’s exam?

No. If you use the Mariners Learning System suite of Coast Guard approved courses, you can take your U.S. Coast Guard Captain’s License exam online online instead. Upon completion of your course, taking our proctored boating exam, and meeting other requirements such as documenting your boating experience and passing a physical, you have one year to submit the MLS certificate of completion and your application package by mail to the nearest Coast Guard Regional Exam Center. Upon the Coast Guard’s review and approval, you will be issued your boat captain's license.


The most popular captain's license course, the OUPV/Six-pack course, costs $595 for a deluxe edition including online and physical materials through Mariners Learning System. The Deluxe Master Captain's License course costs $795. For just the digital edition, the OUPV course costs $495, and the Digital Master course costs $695. The auxiliary sailing and assistance towing endorsements both cost $100.

We recommend the deluxe editions of our US Coast Guard captain’s license courses because in addition to the digital access, you also a navigator's tool set. This represents a turnkey solution that includes everything you need right down to your pencils and eraser. It's like Prego spaghetti sauce—it's all in there!

Ready to Start Your Captain’s License Course?

The Definitive Guide to Becoming a Licensed Captain

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Learn how to get your Captain's License, determine which license is right for you, and understand the USCG license requirements.

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