How to Get Your OUPV License

Looking to captain a charter boat, become a certified instructor, or offer guide services commercially?Learn how to get your OUPV boat captain's license today.

Infographic: How to Get Your OUPV License

Infographic: How to Get Your OUPV LicenseInfographic: How to Get Your OUPV License
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Common OUPV Questions

1 What is the OUPV captain’s license?

The OUPV license is a U.S. Coast Guard boat captain's license that allows the holder to take up to six paying passengers and crew out on the water. It is issued in three forms: Inland License, Great Lakes & Inland License, and Near Coastal. Many aspiring charter boat captains go after the OUPV license unless they plan to operate charter boats with more than six passengers, but being a charter boat captain is only one of many careers you can pursue with an OUPV boat captain's license.

2 What are the requirements for an OUPV license?

Next Steps for Getting Your License

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