USCG Approved Courses for the Coast Guard Captain's License Test

If you’ve thought about becoming a boat captain, the Mariners Learning System's captain’s license course is the best way to prepare for your test. Here's why so many students choose our USCG-approved courses!

Infographic: One-Minute Guide to the USCG Captain’s License Deluxe Edition

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Common Questions About the USCG Captain's License

1 What is a captain's license for?

A USCG captain's license allows boaters to operate a commercial vessel legally. Holding a USCG license may also lower your insurance rate and make it possible to get tax advantages. Recreational boaters are not required to have a captain’s license but may acquire one due to these benefits. Another reason boaters go after a USCG license is the pride that comes with the achievement.

2 When do you need a captain’s license?

You need a captain's license if you are planning to operate a commercial vessel, meaning any boat that includes paying passengers. For six or fewer paying passengers, the OUPV/Six-pack license is sufficient, but the 25, 50, or 100-Ton Master License is required for seven or more passengers.

3 How hard is the Coast Guard captain’s license test?

Passing the test requires you to study, but most boaters find it’s passable as long as they attend a captain’s license study course. Taking a Coast Guard-approved course can help prepare you to pass the test. More than 200,000 students have taken a Mariners Learning System Coast Guard captain’s license course online since 2002 with a 98.7% success rate!

For some, having to drive to a classroom, deal with students interrupting the instructor with questions, and listen to a lecturer day after day makes it hard to get a captain’s license. The Coast Guard-approved learning solution is an easier way to get your Coast Guard license because you can do it right in the comfort of your own home and do it at your own pace. As long as you can surf the Internet, you’re overqualified to take the course. That’s just how easy it is!

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