The Mariners Learning System™ Towing Endorsement online USCG-approved course is for those who hold an OUPV or Master License and would like to engage in assisting vessels for a fee. To "commercially assist" other vessels that may be aground, disabled or out of fuel, or experiencing some other malfunction requires an endorsement for Commercial Assistance Towing.

Following course completion you will be given a written examination to demonstrate your knowledge of assistance towing, safety, equipment and procedures. Upon successfully passing your exam, a certificate will be issued that is recognized by the USCG as satisfying the testing requirements.

1.0 Scope

Mariners Learning System™ Towing Endorsement training course is an instructional resource that combines broadcast quality audio visual media, workbooks and computer based training. Any student that completes the course will have demonstrated their complete and total knowledge of the information required in Subpart C of Part 10, Title 46, Code of Federal Regulations.

The course thoroughly covers the subjects addressed by Coast Guard exams for the following licenses: Towing Endorsement.

2.0 Objective

The goal is to enhance safety and productivity in the maritime working environment by instilling the knowledge and skills reflected in the Coast Guard exam topic table. Students who successfully complete the course will be awarded a certificate that will be accepted in lieu of the standard Coast Guard examination!

3.0 Entry Standards

Students must be able to speak English.

4.0 Instructors

The program has been built so that a student can directly contact one of our USCG approved staff instructors via e-mail. In addition complete telephone support is available through a toll free support system that is manned by our Coast Guard approved staff instructors.

5.0 Testing

Once the student completes the course quizzes and online Module Exam they make an appointment to take their final proctored exam with Mariners Learning System™. No testing at the Coast Guard Regional Exam Centers. The grading standards are:

Exam Modules Number of Questions Minimum Score Required

Number of Questions a student
can get wrong and still pass 

Towing Endorsement 10 70% 3 wrong

The student must pass all modules to receive a certification of completion. If a student fails one or more modules, he or she may retest twice more without delay on the failed modules. Those who do not pass an exam module after three attempts must wait a period of three months to retest. The student will be required to complete the entire course prior to being allowed another three attempts at each module. In this case the student must retest and pass all four Exam Modules.

1.0 Course Materials

Mariners Learning System™includes one complete set of the following training materials to each student:

Mariners Learning System™ – Access to our Internet based narrated lecture and interactive learning system. This program is based on the Mariners Learning System™ Coast Guard approved class room course. More than 15,000 students have earned their Captains License by participating in this program.

Mariners Learning System™ – Textbook:Towing Endorsement.

1.0 Lesson Plan

Module I – Towing Safety


Module II – Forces in Towing


Module III – Towing Equipment


Module IV – Standard Towing Procedures

Frequently Asked Questions


Will I Have to Take a Coast Guard Exam?

NO. If you test with the USCG, they literally have thousands of questions in their data base from which to draw a test. Mariners Learning System™ uses a few hundred questions from their data base. All questions are provided in the student workbook and study guide. All topic areas are fully covered to ensure a complete understanding of the relevant material.


How Do I Get My License?

Upon successful completion any of the Mariners Learning System™ Coast Guard approved online courses, you take a proctored exam (no additional fee) at one of our 200+ approved testing sites located throughtout the country. Once you have passed our multiple-choice exam, a certificate of completion that is recognized by the United States Coast Guard will be issued in lieu of taking their exam. You do not test at the Coast Guard Regional Exam Center.


Is There a Retest Policy?

Yes. The test is given in four sections. If you do not meet the minimum score requirements on any section, you only need to retest the section(s) where your score was below the minimum. You can retest after a review of the material on which you were lacking the necessary knowledge. Is there a guarantee that a student will pass the course? No. However, Mariners Learning System™ instructors are all trained professionals who work closely with every student.


Is there anything I have to do besides taking the Mariners Learning System™ USCG-approved course to receive my license?

Yes. There are several USCG requirements. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

Application Form: Complete the required sections for an original license. Three character references must be included. The application, once received by the USCG, is valid for one year.

Physical Exam Form: This form must be completed in full. An incomplete form will delay your application. Failure to meet vision, hearing or general physical condition requirements does not automatically disqualify an applicant.

Drug Test: All applicants must be certified "drug free" (marijuana, cocaine, opiates, PCP, and amphetamines) by having passed a DOT drug test or submitting a letter that the applicant is currently enrolled in a USCG random drug testing program.

Sea Service Form: Applicants must tabulate their experience operating vessels on the Sea Service Form. If necessary, use added copies to account for service on more than four vessels. One day of service consists of a minimum of four hours underway, not dockside. You may only claim one day in a 24-hour period.

Documentation of Sea Service: If sea time is documented on your own vessel, use state registration, documentation certificate, bill of sale or insurance papers. Service on vessels other than your own must be supported by the vessel owner filling out a Sea Service Form.

Proof of Age and Citizenship: Must be verified by one of the following:

CPR/First Aid Card(s): A certificate from the American Red Cross or American Heart Association courses. First Aid: Less than one year old. CPR: Currently valid, but no more than two years old.



System Requirements

What are the recommended minimum system specifications for a Windows system?

What are the recommended minimum system specifications for a Mac system?

With Mariners Learning System™ your online classroom, training videos, audio lectures, and podcasts aren’t just available on your computer. They are also on your Blackberry, iPhone, Mp4 player, and Smartphone. So wherever you go – even if you’re just sitting in traffic - we offer you a true Anytime, Anywhere Learning Solution!